Thursday, January 29, 2004

A burning question... If I've been craving ice cream and hot fudge for 3 weeks now, it's time to give in, yes?

Monday, January 26, 2004

Everything I need to know, I learned from my 11-month old. Sophie turns 11 months today, and I realized what an inspiring little adventurer she is. I can learn so much from her. She is constantly stretching her limits and trying new things. So what if she just can't reach the coasters in the middle of the coffee table? Maybe tomorrow her arms will be long enough. She tries new foods and dives right in. She shares, and we've never even taught her that, it comes from within. She's constantly exploring, picking up things, running her hands over them, seeing if they taste good. She makes up new words. And when she sleeps, she sleeps deeply, with her favorite Lambie by her side. She's quite the adventurer.... all she needs now is a theme song.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Reality? Now that I am on so-called bedrest, I have been watching a heckofa lot more tv. Since I am cable-less, network tv has been providing me with interesting, although mindless, diversion while I knit (and the twins kick me again.... and again.... and again....) American Idol: I don't really find the auditions interesting. The good part happens once the first group of singers has to work and follow directions. It blows my mind how many people ruin a chance of a life-time because they think the rules don't apply to them, and that all they have to do is grin and laugh and they'll get forgiven and bumped up to the next round. Life doesn't work that way. (ps: Scootergirl is my hero!) The Apprentice: I laughed out loud when the two groups had to do a major ad campaign in 48 hours, and only one group thought it necessary to meet with the client. Come on! America's Top Model: Something I could never in a gazillion years ever be, but very interesting to watch. This, like Idol, is the kind of competition you are only going to win if you want it badder than everything else and are willing to work your tail off for it. (And maybe not even then, if your bra size is too big or you're too short.... that must be why I'm not a top model yet. Right.)

Monday, January 19, 2004

For everyone joining me on the Year of Adventure... this is for you to print and cut out and put in your wallet, tuck in your mirror, paste in your journal. I'm adventuring with you. (And if you do put it in your online journal, please link back, okay?)

Friday, January 16, 2004

Bedrest...? This is my second week of working half-days, and being on bedrest for the afternoons. It is SO incredibly hard to just stop in the afternoons and rest. Even when I'm lying down, I have to do something with my hands because I feel like I should be productive. I'm productive all right, I'm having twins for goodness' sake! But things call to me... errands to be run, meals to be made, laundry to do... and it's so very very hard to go take a nap or knit or watch tv and lie down with my feet up. I can't believe I may only have 3 months to go. The worst set of twin names, ever. I started a post on SARK's marvelous message board to help me find all the names I should NOT name the twins. They've come up with some great ones! My faves so far are Rubber and Glue, and a woman who knows twins that are actually named Lemonjello (Le-MAHN-jel-o) and Oranjello (Or-AHN-jel-o) because of the cravings their mom had while pregnant. Sheesh. My kids would be (as of this moment) Potato Chip and Chocolate Chip. Read the ever-growing list here, or start your own list below in the comments section. Have fun!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Wonder-ful words of wisdom... We all know sometimes life's hates and troubles Can make you wish you were born in another time and space But you can bet your life times that and twice its double That God knew exactly where he wanted you to be placed ~ Stevie Wonder, As I do think that God has me here in this place, right now, for a reason. I believe that there's some divine planning that's putting three babies under the age of two in my care. I have no idea why it took so long for Sophie to come to us, and why we get twins a year later, but I do believe there's a divine plan for it. And I'm not going to waste my time trying to figure it out - I'm just going to trust.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Savoring. Sophie the wonder baby had her first taste of macaroni last night, and she absolutely loved it! She said "Mmmm" after every bite... that's my nice Italian baby! But it really makes me think... how often do I enjoy my food like that? Trust me, I'm a girl who loveslovesloves food, but it seems that I'm constantly eating things on the run, eating with Sophie on my lap or chasing after her, eating whatever's easiest to heat up in the microwave. Sometimes I'm eating garbage (i.e., Christmas candy) because it's out. Sometimes I'm craving something in particular and it's not anywhere in the house (not to mention I probably shouldn't be eating it anyway). I am longing for a meal that doesn't revolve around Sophie, around errands, a meal that I could either have cooked myself or not. A meal that I can eat uninterrupted and quietly and take as long as I need to be full without having to stick my plate in the fridge for later. Darnit, I want to savor my food. So, along those lines, I will be making a casserole dish of oven-baked french toast to be eaten at breakfast all next week, and I will top it with berries from my freezer and why the heck not, whipped cream and powdered sugar as well. I'll make tea, and say "Mmmmm!" to Sophie after each bite.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

If adventure has a name, it must be... Last night, Paul and I actually got a sitter and went out for a romantic dinner for two. Inbetween trying to come up with baby names and deciding which appetizer to pick, I declared that this year was going to be the Year of Adventure. I tend to create a theme for my years - 2002 was a year of Learning, 2003 was the year of Harmony (with good intentions, really, but I really didn't like the song it was making most of the time) - and this year, it seems to me, is the Year of Adventure. When I look at the year ahead as being a huge adventure, it seems less daunting, more manageable. I have huge changes coming up; I'm working half-days for the first time in 10 years, I'm on partial bedrest (and I need to actually be resting, not using that time to run around and do tons of stuff), and oh yes, by May I will have three children under the age of two - any one of these things is enough to make me wake up at 3 am in a cold sweat. But then I think - Indiana Jones had his snakes, his baddies and thugs, but he also had his whip and a whole bunch of smarts to get him through. I have an awesome family and support from all corners. I am also one tough cookie. Look out, 2004, here I come.