Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ponies, cycles, baseball.

Much progress since last post. Sadly, gastroenteritis kicked my butt a week ago, so progress hasn't been as swift as I'd like. BUT! Here are more WIPs.... um.... in progress. (I've been posting more snaps of these along the way to my FB page as well.)

My homegirl Twilight Sparkle, though I preferred her in non-princess, all-geek mode.

TRON lightcycle is coming along nicely. In this case more water = more metallic and fluid, probably owing to the fact that water is a liquid... moving on.....

Matt Kemp of the Dodgers, who I only know about because of my nephew's request. He will either be the hardest, or the easiest to paint. We shall see.

Being sketched and painted next: Spongebob characters, Steve from Minecraft, and bacteria. Because this is Christmas and all the kids get to choose what they want a painting of. Who am I to judge?

Sunday, November 17, 2013


The holiday paintings have begun! I am trying the crazy/ambitious idea of painting four at the same time; then I can move on to the next batch. First up for today: light cycle and rider from Tron Legacy, and Princess Twilight Sparkle. I don't care if she has wings and is a princess and all that. She'll always be my favorite Pony. 

(Note for next year: how about everyone gets ponies, huh? Isn't that a great idea? Right? Anyone?)

Reflections aplenty, limited palette. I still think there's one coming up that's going to be more challenging......

Friday, November 08, 2013


Close to being done. I kind of want to go all over the tree one with fine white outline detail. Or should I leave it alone? As always, click to embiggen.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Trees and rocks. And purple cats.

More works in progress. I actually really like working on two paintings at once, it gives each a chance to dry and set a bit, and lets me come up with more ideas.


As always, click to enlarge, bc blogger is a resizing fool and I hate it. But not enough to resize and upload everything by hand.

Monday, November 04, 2013


Small trees....

...and a work-in-progress.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

One stitch at a time.

I made this stuff. And gave it all away. :) 

Octopus friends for babies and older siblings, hats and shoes for newborns. 

Friday, August 02, 2013

Walking to Mordor

(Our dishwasher, courtesy of Angela. I did not put her up to this, I swear.)

While I've been creative in lots of pixelated and yarn-related ways, there will be a heck of a lot of paint coming up. So watch this space.

I've been trying to concentrate lately on the sound mind in a sound body theory, with the realization that the sound body really needs to get up and bust a move more often. It's good for stress relief, and honestly, it's maintenance - I plan on being around a long time and my body needs to be able to support all the crazy things I'll probably come up with. So to that end, I completed Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred with awesome results, I'm going to start her Ripped in 30 series, and in between I'll be taking a small break for daily yoga. And walking. Lots of walking. But how to measure this in a tangible way and get my whole geeky family involved?

Using a pedometer and other counters (on treadmill and Gazelle) we're keeping a running tally of all our collective mileage. Here's a breakdown in minute, geek-tastic detail, a spreadsheet that keeps a running total for you, and we're also marking up a map to show our progress. Peter remarked, "But MOM! It's going to take us more than a year!" To which we could point out that Frodo and his companions took at least that long, too. It's a way to show slow but steady progress, to provide a little incentive, and to get deeper into a wonderful story on a very real level.

Oh, and because it's wonderfully nerdy and awesome, too.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Wild kingdom

What we saw on our walk at our favorite park last evening. Click to read the whole list, including the bit about "the cutest leetle wings". I love it.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Every day in May: thirty-one


Thanks to everyone playing along at home!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Every day in May: thirty

I love, love, love my Thursday afternoons at children's choir rehearsal. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Every day in May: twenty-nine

Hi there.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Every day in May: twenty-eight

Day 28: drawn in crayon on the placemat at Jimmy's Pizza. Angela realized halfway there that a caterpillar was crawling on her arm and had come along for the ride. As soon as we got to Jimmy's, she ran through the rain to find him a leaf.

Every day in May: twenty-seven

Guest artist, Sophia. (Posted to FB but not here, sorry!)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Every day in May: twenty-six

How to draw Trogdor (according to Strong Bad)

  1. Draw an S.
  2. Draw a more different S.
  3. Close it up real good at the top for his head.
  4. Using consummate V's, give him teeth, spinities, and angry eyebrows.
  5. You can add smoke or fire.
  6. And maybe add some wings, you know, if he's a wing-a-ling dragon.
  7. Put one of those beefy arms back on him for good measure.
  8. Name him TROGDOR the BURNiNATOR.
  9. Add majestic lines... for majesty.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Every day in May: twenty-four

Tufted titmouse. They're like a little ball with a cowlick.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Every day in May: twenty-three

Giving myself a much much MUCH needed break today. Please enjoy the awesome Angela on my fridge.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Every day in May: twenty-two

Last night of recitals deserves a quick piano sketch.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Every day in May: twenty-one

Doodle of some lovely recital flowers. For those of you playing along at home and drawing each day in May, we have 10 days left! 

Every day in May: twenty

(Posted on FB but not the blog.... Apologies!)

This is was my hair yesterday.... The humidity turned it into a mix of Diana Ross with a healthy touch of Fraggle. Ignore the evil eyes. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Every day in May: nineteen

Slightly less smeary.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Every day in May: eighteen

Originally the beginning of sketches from Peter's ball game this morning, but rain and drawing on the iPad don't mix (too slippery). I kept the colors and turned it into the start of EDiM challenge "Draw your left hand."

Friday, May 17, 2013

Every day in May: seventeen

Fur or feathers? Still deciding.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Every day in May: sixteen

Miss Angela!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Every day in May: fifteen

We're halfway there....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Every day in may: fourteen

More WIP. Starting to block in glasses and her features. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Every day in May: thirteen

Screen cap/portrait-in-progress.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Every Day in May: twelve

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Every day in May: eleven

Happy accidents. That's what I keep telling myself.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Every day in May: ten

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Every day in May: nine

Just wanted to note that blogger app chops my pictures.... So to see the full image, please click. At least it's up.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Every day in May: eight

New app to try - Inspire Pro. It's free! So much better than yesterday's, no?

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Every day in May: seven

Messing around on the iPad edition: a squirrel with a singing baloney sandwich.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Every day in May: six

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Every day in May: five

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Every Day in May: four

Happy Star Wars Day!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Every day in May: three

Art from both me and Angie today.