Thursday, August 08, 2002

Song that... Reminds you of an ex-love: Right Here Waiting — Richard Marx Reminds you of an ex-friend: don’t have any ex-friends! (at least, not that I can think of….) Reminds you of your childhood: The Muppet Show theme song Makes you cry: Shower the People – James Taylor Makes you laugh: Amish Paradise/the whole Weird Al catalogue Makes you wanna dance: I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine— James Brown Reminds you of the one you want: Annie’s Song — John Denver Makes you very, very sleepy: Pachebel’s Canon in D You wish you wrote: Hold My Hand — the Rutles You wish had been written for you: She’s Got A Way — Billy Joel Fills you with complete joy: Sir Duke — Stevie Wonder You never want to hear again: anything from Britney Spears You want to get married to: Our Love is Here to Stay (we did get married to it!) You want played at your funeral: What a Wonderful World — Louis Armstrong Makes you want to mosh/slam dance: Hello, Dad, I'm in Jail! — Was Not Was Sums up your teenage years: Every single Beatles song You used to hate but now love: Touch Me — the Doors You like to wake up to: Great Day — Paul McCartney You like out of your parents record collection: Old Man River — Jim Croce Your parents like out of your collection: River of Dreams — Billy Joel You love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: My Shoes — The Bobs Makes you think of someone who died: Someone Who Cares — Paul McCartney You love the video more than the tune: Keep Fishin’ — Weezer Reminds you of your first crush: who the heck remembers? You love which is from one of your favorite movies: Storybook Love — from the Princess Bride Makes you think of the moon: Voyage of the Moon — Donovan Makes you think of sex: Let’s Get it On — Marvin Gaye (esp. from Austin Powers….) Makes you think of being alone: American Tune — Paul Simon You love to hear at clubs: don’t go to clubs, but if I did: Mo Money Mo Problems thanks to grammardog

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