Monday, September 02, 2002

This weekend I witnessed a truly odd thing. Paul and I were walking in the park, and just as we got to the near side of the pond, I saw what I thought was a huge leaf on the grass. Until it got up on its hind legs and waved at me! It was about 5 inches long and looked like a minature lobster. I yelped and ran around behind Paul (no WAY was I going near that thing) and tried to figure out whattheheck it was. It was then that we noticed 4 or 5 others, clambering out of the water and crawling across the grass to the street. The closest thing we can figure is that they were crayfish, and for some unknown reason they were migrating. Unfortunately, it's a very busy road and we saw at least one that didn't make it across. {The rest were en route to my house, maybe?} This is NOT something you expect to see in New Jersey, miles and miles from the shore. We told our neighbors, who planned to take their little ones over to the park for a little crayfish rescue. I love animals, cute or crustacean, but there was absolutely no way I was going to pick one of those things up. Blecch. I would love to find out what they thought was going to be on the other side of that road, and if they ever found it.

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