Sunday, October 19, 2003

WEEKEND UPDATE: Saturday I finished the entire 5th painting. When I was done, I just started crying and crying uncontrollably - I think in part because I couldn't believe I had actually done it! Sunday (tonight) my plans were thwarted by our scanner not working, so I couldn't scan in #5, format the new card, and make the CD I was hoping would go out tomorrow morning. Instead, I will go in to work early and use the scanner there; and my wonderful wonderful husband printed out color proofs for me to compare to the originals and send to the printer. I am 90% of the way there... tomorrow I'll scan and make the 5th card, and Paul promised me that after his work (at 10pm or so) we'll print the final proof and make the CD. And then Tuesday morning it will be on its way in the FedEx box with a kiss for luck. :) Keep those good vibes coming... I'm nearly there!

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