Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Working From Home - A Short Poem The following is a note I sent to my co-workers last week when the weather was icky. It's icy and slick out; I wanted to mention That working from home today is my intention. Think of me while you're going for coffee outside And the rain and the sleet makes you run fast inside - Or commuting to far-off wild places like Brooklyn Or Westmont, New Jersey or downtown Metuchen And it's raining and wet and you stifle a sneeze And you hope you don't catch a cold there in the breeze While I'm sitting here snug with a slice of fresh bread That I programmed to bake while I snuggled in bed And it beeped me at 7 when it was done baking And it mixed with the smells of the fire Paul is making. So I'm sitting here working, just a regular gal, On Mutts stuff and graphics and pages for Sal. You can Skype me, IM me, or talk to me live By phoning at xxx-xxx5. ....................................... Thanks to everyone who has bid on or promoted my auction... I'm delightfully stunned by the response. And still 4 days to go! Makes me wish I had done this kind of thing sooner.

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