Monday, May 09, 2005

The best Mother's Day ever What a difference! This time last year, Angela was still in the hospital, and I spent the whole car ride home sobbing like a baby because I had to leave her there. I was incredibly depressed, overwhelmed, and making twice-daily hospital visits, and it all made for a very unfun Mother's Day. But this year! After church, we ALL WENT OUT TOGETHER, which is such an amazing thing I can hardly describe it. Normal people go downtown for a bagel and coffee all the time, but the fact that all 5 of us were able to sit at Panera's and eat something all at the same time is astounding still in this family. We're looking to do more of these outings this summer. And in the afternoon, I actually got to take a quick trip the library and art store ALONE. And since it was Sunday, it was Art Night, which Paul let me start early by getting the kids to bed.... it was probably the best Mother's Day so far for me. A lovely day. We celebrated our milestones so far - no more monitors, no more medicines, no more formula (a $50 savings every week!), and soon to be no more baby food! It's amazing to see how far we've all come. Sophie still astounds me on a day-to-day basis. Yesterday we went to the park and as we got closer to the playground, she called out, "Mama, you want to make a right!" (to turn the stroller into the playground area.) She says please and thank you, speaks in complete sentences, makes jokes, and wakes up singing every day. Her idea of a perfect afternoon is "doing her art gallery" (painting) and "running around outside and going on the swings." She is the coolest 2-year-old I know. Peter will crawl right up and give you a bear hug! Peter lives in extremes; he can't decide whether to laugh or cry when he's tired. One second he'll be writhing on the floor wailing, and the next he's cackling to himself and rushing across the room to grab a book. He can be the most quiet, happy to sit on a lap or push a car intently around the floor while his big hazel eyes take in everything around him. We sing "Petey Pop" to him and he loves it. Angela looks like the sweetest little kitten ever, yet she's the one we have to read "Teeth Are Not for Biting" to! When we sing "Petey Pop" she does the POP! part really loud, and she gets so excited she can't wait and has to do it 17 more times. The other day we listened to "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" and I mentioned to Sophie that she could look at the book at the same time (we have the picture book). Angela dropped her bottle, wriggled over to the books, went through them until she found THAT BOOK, opened it, and crowed about it. Amazing! And all three of them are gigglers, huggers, and love to eat vegetables. Who could ask for more?

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