Monday, June 27, 2005

Petey needs surgery. Peter and Angela just went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. Peter has had fluid in his ears for the past 6 months and it messed up his hearing test from November, so we were advised to get it looked at again by both our pediatrician and the follow-up group. So.... Peter still has fluid in his ears and the doctors think it's affecting his speech because he can't hear properly. So we've decided to go ahead and have the tubes put in his ears. It's a fairly common procedure and you can read all about it here - with pictures! (Note, this article is also about ear infections. Peter's never had an ear infection, but the procedure is the same.) Our date is set for first thing in the morning on July 14th. Surprisingly, I am not nearly as freaked out about this as I was for Sophie. Maybe because we've been through this before and the follow-up will be SO much easier than it was with her. Say a prayer for us - we really hope that this will greatly help Peter's hearing. Then he can get to writing that sonata - Mozart wrote his first at age 3, so we'd better get cracking! ;) category |

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