Monday, September 05, 2005

illustration friday: roots
Illustration Friday: Roots

I think many times, what's going on under the surface is more interesting than what the rest of the world sees.

A defining concept from the Artist's Way is the need to nurture and protect your new and growing ideas before exposing them to the rest of the world and allowing them to be hurt. Know that for every little fragile shoot emerging out of the dust, there's a widespread and deep system of roots to support it. Right now; I have lots and lots of roots and a few brand new shoots starting to be brave and stick their heads up.

p.s. ~ Just wanted to let everyone know a previous Illustration Friday painting of mine is being auctioned to raise funds for Mercy Corps Hurricane Katrina Fund. Here's your chance to own an original painting and to do some good for people so desperately in need of help.

p.p.s ~ Check out also Art For Katrina, a site where many other artists are donating their work and efforts.

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Elmer Dela Cruz said...

I like this illustration and the meaning you gave it. I re-posted the image in my blog here ( and added a link to your site. Thanks