Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So darn sick of coding

What's an artist doing struggling with style sheets, iframes, and include files?

The usual.

Unless you're super-lucky or independently wealthy, you've had to do something that had absolutely nothing to do with art, for your art. Mailing postcards, making phone calls for leads, overhauling your website. I very grudgingly wear many, many hats in order to take my artwork to a higher level.

Is it frustrating? It's maddening. Especially for a perfectionist like me.

Last night, I called my mom to ask her to please pray for me, for my frustration, for my desire to defenestrate my computer, for my ineptitude to smack this code into shape. I had spent three hours on a few incredibly maddening lines of code and had just about had it. (Note: I make webpages all day, I got an Outstanding on the CSS class I just finished. But I am not a coder.)

So I hung up the phone and went to the computer, flopped into the chair, and scrolled up the offending lines. And the answer to solve it came to me immediately. And it was right!

The moral of this story: Do what you have to do to make your art outstanding. And when you're getting bogged down in the details, pray hard and go paint something.

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