Friday, September 15, 2006

Illustration Friday: Change

What does a potato have to do with change? Lots.

Genetically modified foods are everywhere - you've probably eaten them without knowing it. Big food companies fight to keep any information about GMOs off of labels, and also fight for other companies that have no GMOs to not be able to advertise that either. All because they (rightly) think that the general public would rather eat a real potato than one that's had its genes spliced, or crops that do nothing but make money for big businesses and rip off farmers (not to mention what they do to the environment.) Scary, huh? This is not the way food was meant to be.

Sorry, this is something I feel quite strongly about - I think most of this country has no idea what they put in their mouths. And big business likes it that way.

{Note, I am not even talking about organic food, factory farming, cruelty to animals, irradiated meat, or many other subjects I could go on about at great length. Check out some of the links below for information you won't be able to put down.}

Highly recommended reading:

Food Revolution by John Robbins - truly a life-changing book for me
All Over Creation by Ruth Ozeki
And this link tells you what the stickers on your fruit mean so you know what to avoid

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