Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why God loves little girls

I was searching online the other day because I wanted to try to find in the Bible where it mentions anything about God, creativity, and loving those who use their talents. That's another post now, because I found this instead: "Why God Loves Little Boys."

Okay, it's innocuous enough, God loves little boys for their eagerness, pride, wit, and "into their hands he has placed the future of all living things." The illustration shows them fishing, boating, trying to catch something in a net. Fine. But check out the companion piece: "Why God Loves Little Girls." And seriously, I start to get very, very angry.

Because apparently, God wants little girls to sit around and pick flowers all day, and "to dance and sing and giggle and wink." Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! I wish I was making this up. I was expecting maybe something about little girls being mothers and teachers of the future generations, about growing to be strong women. What I wanted to find was basically the same wording as the boys' one, but with "girls" in there. Didn't God also give girls eagerness, pride, wit, strong bodies to move and play and work with? Apparently not.

I know this is an older print, but it's only from the 80's! I pray that nobody hangs this in their kid's room, and teaches them that God expects nothing from them but to look pretty and dainty. I have nothing against "rainbows and dimples and bees", but for God's sake, give a girl some credit. Maybe I need to make my own poster about what I pray God really feels about Little Girls....

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