Thursday, May 22, 2008

Five-Year-Old Captures Audience's Hearts at Piano Recital

(NJ, MAY 22) Miss Sophia N. fulfilled a dream of her father's last night, as she debuted at her first piano recital. The five-year-old preschooler played barefoot by her own request. She took her seat to lots of applause, wiggled around a little bit, and then wowed the audience with a stellar rendition of the traditional favorite, "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star."

She then jumped up off the bench in her excitement and had to be led back to the piano for her next piece, called "Penguin Blues." She reminded her father loudly, that although this was a duet, she wanted to do it all by herself. Counting to herself in a whisper that carried to the back of the room, she played with charm as she made sure she sat up straight in her best "piano" position, her two small hands placed carefully above the keyboard. She finished to tumultuous applause and cheers, including the shouts of her twin brother and sister in the front row. Her bow was deep and dramatic and drew laughs from the audience, which were replaced by sighs and more applause as her grandmother presented her with a bouquet of white carnations. Although her siblings retired for the night shortly after her performance, Miss N. stayed up for the entire recital, with her beloved Lambey cuddled in her lap. A splendid time was had by all and it will be a night that she and her family will remember fondly for years to come. (Audio and video of the performance will be available soon.)

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