Monday, January 12, 2009

just duckie

At last, here's Peter's painting of his favorite stuffed animal, his beloved Duckie. He wanted a formal portrait of Duckie after considering and then (thankfully!) discarding the following subject matter:

1. Portrait of Cookie Monster to go next to the painting of the chocolate chip cookie he requested when he moved into his own room (actually, that would have been pretty cool to paint, I have done the big guy before.)

2. A race car with everyone you can think of from Sesame Street riding in it. No, wait....

3. Five cars, and all of them should have a separate Sesame Street character in it... and they should all be racing!

And thankfully, idea four was Duckie.

The part that impressed me most was that Peter showed this painting to everyone who came over for Christmas, and rated it as his favorite present over (get this) two remote control cars. What 4-year-old boy likes a painting of his special fluffy over remote control cars?

A boy who loves his Duckie. And clearly, who has good taste.

Extreme closeup:

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