Sunday, April 26, 2009

splash and kiss

On Earth Day, I spent some time under my favorite tree with my favorite art supplies. After some thought, I decided to stash the pencil and eraser back in by bag and do everything by instinct. As I splashed the paint around, it started to rain, and I let that become part of the painting too. I first thought of who would be living in the brook splashing by my feet, and a dark-eyed naiad started to take form. And while that one started to dry/get drizzled on, I grabbed the other sketchbook and started to use the firey colors that hadn't been in the first painting, inspired by the luscious pink blossoms overhead. My favorite, final touch was a small pink petal from my weeping cherry tree that spiraled down and landed right in the paint. It was like getting a kiss from the tree.

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