Friday, May 08, 2009

every day in may: eight

I know this doesn't look like it, but I worked for about an hour on this so far today. I'm working with washes that are sort of subtle, I guess. Maybe I should post some closeups?

I mentioned previously that I've been painting in the morning, and it's worked out very well. My routine is this: I get up early, pray, try to do the Mass readings for the day (this doesn't always happen), sort out things the kids want/need for the morning, grab some coffee in my favorite blue mug, and hit the paints. Some days I've been out on the porch, but the past few days have been so depressingly rainy I've stayed up in my studio. I find that the quiet songs in my Somedays mix are very satisfying to paint to, and I've started to get into sort of a trance/groove/meditation/what have you. By the time I get to "Love's In Need of Love Today" I'm usually on my feet, painting and dancing and singing at the same time. If you don't know the song, please give it a listen - this version is especially lovely.

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