Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Labyrinth in New Harmony
Labyrinth in New Harmony by chrisjuno

I went again on the amazing Mother's Retreat this past weekend (with my amazing Mother!) At the retreat center they had a prayer labyrinth! I've wanted to walk a labyrinth for ages!

The story of the prayer or mediation labyrinth is said to have its roots in the faithful who couldn't make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, so they would walk the path of the labyrinth in a prayerful state - some say on their knees - and follow its ways.

I was fortunate enough to have lovely weather, and the whole area to myself. I picked up a small stone from outside the labyrinth, and began to follow the path. As I slowly wound my way in, I began to pray for my family, friends, and even people who I was upset with. When I finally got to the center flower, I stood quietly for a while, just enjoying the peace and the lovely view.

Then I left my stone in the center of the flower, and made my way back, this time thanking God for blessing me with all the people I had prayed for on the way in, and letting the others go who I needed to forgive. I could have spent hours out there. But I believe I left my cares back in the center flower with my small piece of quartz.

I'm planning another trip back - this time with my family - when the weather gets warmer. I'm interested to hear from others who have ever walked a labyrinth. What was your experience?

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