Sunday, May 01, 2011

every day in may: day one

I'm continuing my tradition of painting or drawing every day in May. While I would love to post a long writeup about how enriching this will be (it will!) and how I wish everyone would join me (please do!) right now I'm having a hard time forming a coherent thought because I'm so exhausted.

Sophie's Communion was today and it was awesome.

I painted today, and it was awesome.

And now I'm about to do a faceplant into the keyboard. Though I painted, I didn't scan yet. Hopefully that will come tomorrow, and I hope to write more as well about the incredible struggle I've had to paint, how getting through this May is going to be like trying to push through water, and how I almost cried when my children kept asking me WHY I was painting, because "it's not Christmas." They've totally forgotten when I would paint every day, and that painting is a part of me, and that just makes me so sad.

It's time to remind them what I'm all about.

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