Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Two ponies and a super-villain

Have some Halloween costumes! Note to self for next year: Just make the darn costumes and then present them to the kids and tell them this is it. WAAAAAY too much input/looking over my shoulder/art-directing on these, not that they're even very complicated! It was the back and forth and painful attention to detail that did me in. When I complained, someone said, "That's what you get for raising creative, independent thinkers!" I'm thinking the independent thinkers might want to make their own darn costumes next year.

Twilight Sparkle, studying as usual (this time, a book about dragons).

Pinkie Pie, doing the "WATCH OUT" pose from the end of her "Evil Enchantress" number. (Though we like this version better!) This was taken the day before Halloween, but for school and trick-or-treating we spray painted her hair pink.

Vector from Despicable Me with his shrink ray (yes, we made that all from recycled materials and a ton of spray paint! (Left over from last year's robots.... )


Hilarious Reference video:

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