Friday, August 02, 2013

Walking to Mordor

(Our dishwasher, courtesy of Angela. I did not put her up to this, I swear.)

While I've been creative in lots of pixelated and yarn-related ways, there will be a heck of a lot of paint coming up. So watch this space.

I've been trying to concentrate lately on the sound mind in a sound body theory, with the realization that the sound body really needs to get up and bust a move more often. It's good for stress relief, and honestly, it's maintenance - I plan on being around a long time and my body needs to be able to support all the crazy things I'll probably come up with. So to that end, I completed Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred with awesome results, I'm going to start her Ripped in 30 series, and in between I'll be taking a small break for daily yoga. And walking. Lots of walking. But how to measure this in a tangible way and get my whole geeky family involved?

Using a pedometer and other counters (on treadmill and Gazelle) we're keeping a running tally of all our collective mileage. Here's a breakdown in minute, geek-tastic detail, a spreadsheet that keeps a running total for you, and we're also marking up a map to show our progress. Peter remarked, "But MOM! It's going to take us more than a year!" To which we could point out that Frodo and his companions took at least that long, too. It's a way to show slow but steady progress, to provide a little incentive, and to get deeper into a wonderful story on a very real level.

Oh, and because it's wonderfully nerdy and awesome, too.

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