Friday, December 14, 2001

Today was our office Christmas party, where we followed tradition... and went bowling! It's sort of a PRI tradition that we periodically go bowling. We even got my boss his own ball for his birthday one year! So off we went to the bowling alley, digital cameras in hand. [There will be a few pics up on the fridge on the PRI site] I did very well [for me] with a 110. We annoyed the living daylights out of some nearby old-lady bowlers who were very annoyed with us for using the flash... I guess we were distracting them from their game. After returning our shoes, we went out to lunch; I probably won't have to eat again for a week. I had a monte cristo sandwich, which is basically ham and cheese on french toast with powdered sugar and raspberry jam on the side. Needless to say, I shared. I actually did all the things I set myself up for the other night, including trimming my hair. Darnit, that was so much fun; I had to restrain myself from lopping off too much in the name of "making it even." All I did was cut off the split ends — about 1½ inches — and so far it seems healthier. I know at some point I will have to get a real haircut, but for now I'm okay... at least I'm less scraggly. Pulled straight, it's still down to my waist. What is it about people [okay, women] that makes us obsess about hair? This all got started because Amanda told us that she cut her own hair... and we all got talking about our hair. I have been in indepth conversations that could have lasted an hour just talking about hair. Here's what it all boils down to: Nobody likes their own hair and wants something different. That's at the heart of the matter. It's part of that whole grass-is-greener-what's-the-matter-with-me deal that I try so hard to keep out of but get sucked in all the same. The great thing about hair is that you can try something different and if you hate it, it's not such a tragedy cos it'll always grow back. Notice I say this, but I'm still awfully cautious about anything happening to my hair.

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