Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Tonight the plan is to actually work on new projects! In the works:
  • a CD cover for an incredibly talented a cappella group some of you might have heard of {who I used to sing with...}. Painting for yourself is all very well and good, but it's nice to do it for a reason.
  • a family portrait of three very sweet little girls
  • another CD cover that's for a contest; I won't win, but it'll be fun to do it anyway
  • my online artshow showcasing talented creators from all over, which I plan to get together this summer... I am writing up the specs now and will send them out just as soon as my email will allow {it's being mischevious again!}
  • redesigning my website... frenchtoastgirl is getting a major overhaul for its 3rd birthday this July! Somewhere in the midst of all this will be me, perched in my Tower Room of a studio, surrounded by paper and brushes and markers and glitter and loving it all...
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