Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Had a weekend where I saw lots of people, and every woman I saw except one said, "You look so skinny! You don't even look like you're pregnant!" Grrrrrrrrr.... You know what? I'm 5 months pregnant, darnit. There's a baby in there, and I totally have a belly on me. Paul gave me a big hug and said that they probably thought it was a compliment and that of course I had a belly, but I think people don't realize how incredibly annoying that is. A sweet thing happened two weekends ago when I was songleading at church; the priest announced to the church that we were expecting. Since our engagement had also been an impromptu announcement from the altar by the presiding priest who really wanted to share the news with everyone, this was like another seal of approval. (And plus, then nobody thinks I'm just getting chubby!) One priest actually said that me getting up and singing when I was pregnant was a "beautiful testament to life." That's a nice perspective.

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