Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Well, you can't get any cheerier than this: 1. I now have Photoshop 7 loaded on my computer. It is all that and about 15 bags of chips. 2. Claire of Loobylu fame is having her baby tomorrow. Wow. Send some sweet happy thoughts her way. 3. Tonight I meet with my Cornerstone sisters. The theme of the meeting? Creativity. Guess who thought of that one. I am still working on the not-doing enough feeling. First off, I have never in a gazillion years ever meant to make anyone feel small-fishy. In fact, my whole goal has been to get everyone into my pool, however big or small it's perceived to be, for one big nurturing creativity party where we're all equal. So if I have ever made anyone feel that way, I apologize. It's the not having enough time, the having a day job, the being pregnant and not having the energy I was used to, the sheer immensity of everything I perceive I have to do that overwhelms me sometimes. That's all. Promise. :)

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