Monday, November 25, 2002

Tonight I will be making manicotti shells for Thanksgiving. In my family, it's pronounced "mah-nih-GAW-ti". The rest of the non-Sicilian world calls it "man-ih-cat-ies". When I was growing up, our neighbor called because my Mom had made extra. I swear all three of us kids passed the phone back and forth because we couldn't understand what the heck she was talking about. What the heck is a manicattie? I've bowed to saying "motzerella" for mozzerella instead of "mootzadell" like I was brought up with. All I know is it tastes good. linkage: Let's hear it for the Sicilians! Due to an erupting volcano, there may be a new island off the coast of Sicily. Divers have already planted a flag on it with "the hope of claiming it as Italian the moment it rises above the surface."

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