Monday, December 30, 2002

Longing for some Italian Grandma-esque advice and nagging.... I am really missing my Grandma and Paul's Nana right now. In my family, usually a pregnant woman would get all sorts of unsolicited advice from her Italian Grandma somewhere along these lines: Grandma: You know what you need? You need to eat some fish. Look, I made you some special. Pregnant Granddaughter: Grandma, I really don't want fish. G: YOU may not want fish, but the baby wants it. PG: Grandma, nobody wants the fish. Thank you but no. G: I heard about a lady who didn't eat fish when the baby wanted it... and then the baby was born with a fish head! Do you want that to happen to you? Eat the fish! PG sighs and starts to eat the darn fish. I have witnessed this in my own family, but now that I'm the pregnant one, I don't have anyone to nag me in quite that special way. So I'm asking you to throw on the mantle of Italian/Jewish/Polish-ness (all Grandmas are the same at heart) and please send some old-fashioned nagging and superstitions my way so my child won't grow up deprived.

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