Monday, January 27, 2003

My baby shower was this weekend! It was a lot of fun (though exhausting!) and filled with many well-wishers who happily rubbed my belly throughout the afternoon. We ate french toast (natch!) and Mom decorated the cake and little take-home bubble jars with my baby drawings, which really meant a lot to me, as I'm feeling more and more like a mini-bake oven waiting for the timer to go off, and less and less like an artist. We all played at Carolyn's wonderful home and had us a great time. I was overwhelmed with everyone's generosity and hard work... but I reminded myself that it wasn't for me, it's for the baby! Somehow, it's easier for me to accept the attention that way. A number of friends brought squares we've been working on for a Muppet Quilt... the results are just beautiful! I can't wait until we collect them all and put them together for the little one's room.

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