Tuesday, March 25, 2003

At last, she paints I am really loving and cherishing my last days off with Sophie. I can hardly believe she will be one month old tomorrow! The past couple of days have been just wonderful; my mornings were spent painting. Yes, I said painting. Painting painting painting painting painting. I missed it so much, and now I actually have the energy to do it and a hubby who'll watch the baby so I can do it. I did a postcard for the YES! project and lots of teeny little illustrations for a gift I'm working on. The bare necessities I took Sophie to the park yesterday and sketched and journaled in the sun with her. There's a reason they make humongous pockets on strollers! We will be filling some of them with the necessities: a sketchbook, bubbles, and chalk. And today's walk may even include stopping by the local photo shop to see about turning my art into posters. Woo hoo!

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