Thursday, March 13, 2003

It's Lent, and I haven't felt very Lent-like. I feel like it's Easter right now, like it's Spring, like there's Good News all over my heart and everywhere. So instead of giving something up, I'm doing something: renewing my prayer life. Oddly enough, I really like doing meditations from this book right after Sophie's 3am feeding. It's peacefuly silent in the house and it gives me something deep to think about as I drift off to sleep. The other morning the question was "When was the last time you helped someone in need?" And I'm ashamed to say I really couldn't recall. Paul's studio did a clothing and food drive in December, but I've been so wrapped up in babyland I couldn't think about much else. And then that very evening, I found this: a discussion on crafting for charity. I've been thinking of starting a knitting circle with my Cornerstone group; we could each make a square and put them together for a blanket or make newborn caps for hospitals. Was I meant to find that particular article on that particular day? Heck yeah. That's synchronicity at work.

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