Monday, August 18, 2003

Hey Food.* Armed with a brand-new food processor (thanks, Mom!) and a couple of loaned books, I'm going to start making baby food for Sophie! I get dreamy over thoughts of ice-cube trays filled with squash and sweet potatoes... this is like being pregnant all over again (without the 30-pound weight gain and aching back!) I'm making sure she's getting really healthy and nutritious food. She LOVES eating, loves her highchair, and, interestingly enough, loves mashed avocado, a food I never would have thought of if not for these books. I'm psyched! the books: Super Baby Food (homemade brown rice cereal, here we come!) Feed Me, I'm Yours! I also want to start signing with her, but there seem to be way too many choices out there. One thing at a time. *Believe it or not, there is a Sesame Street parody of "Hey Jude" that with the awesome lyrics, "Hey Food/can't put you down/if you're dry toast or something wetter/some veggies or a raspberry tart/and then we start to feel much better."

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