Friday, August 22, 2003

Whip it... whip it good. So last night I finally got rev up the new food processor and make some Sophie food. It was so easy, so fun, and I'm thrilled to know I'm making healthy food for my little cookie. And I think we will be eating healthier too. I was looking at jarred baby food in the supermarket last night, and although most of the food at her age (stage 1) is just pure veggies and water, the next stage up horrified me. The "chicken" had cornstarch in it. The mangoes had sugar and "mango flavor". Huh? Why in the world does a baby need cornstarch or "mango flavor"? I remembered that I had two ripe, REAL mangoes at home and made them for Sophie instead. (I also made bananas and avacado. Tropical!) As I was relating this story to a co-worker, she told me that a while back Beech-Nut got in trouble for marketing "Pear Juice" which was actually water colored with beet juice! They didn't get in as much trouble as they could since they stated the ingredients correctly - the parents didn't read the label. I'm on the parents' side in this - you're in a rush, and Beech-Nut is a name you should be able to trust - but I really don't want to feed Sophie anything at all without knowing what the heck is in there. (Note: we do feed Sophie jarred food now - but some of the stage 2 stuff is just scary. Read this.) Tonight - I make organic sweet potatoes! Woo hoo! Maybe I'll save a potato for me and Paul and make sweet potato fries.

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