Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A good bit of whining and complaining, Part 1. We have a potential due date now; it's looking like I will need a C-section the week of April 15th. Baby A is consistently breech, and to be honest, I'd rather just go in and have a C than push for hours for the first one only to find out I need a C anyway. But it doesn't make me like having a C-section one bit. In fact, I'm pretty scared about it. I worry that the twins are going to come early. I've resigned myself to the idea that they will most likely spend some time in the ICU, but I keep sending them good thoughts of strength - I want them to be at least 5 pounds when they're born. Every cramp, twinge, and ache makes me afraid I'm going into pre-labor. I call the doctor often - better safe than sorry. So far, everything's fine and this is normal twin-ness - but I do have to slow down even more than I already have. It's frustrating like you wouldn't believe. I make lists now, all the time. I even made a list of the lists I need to make! They range from #3: Food Sophie will almost always eat (for when I'm in the hospital) to #10: What are we going to name these babies? to #8: Phone list for when we need to go to the hospital and someone needs to stay with Sophie until my parents get there; and #2: What I should pack for the hospital. My brain cells are slooooooooowwwly switching off so that I won't care what gets packed and that we can name both kids Melvin whether they're boys or girls.... so you can see how I need to make these lists NOW, and I do hammer away at them every day. Pray for me, please.... I only have a few weeks left to go. (Coming in Part 2: lack of sleep, and how my stomach is the size of a pregnancy 8 weeks ahead.)

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