Thursday, July 01, 2004

Strolling along... So my website is 5 years old this month! I can hardly believe it.... you can check out 4 years of previous versions here. In honor of the anniversary, I've added a "reading' list of the books on my nightstand right now in the column to the right. This feature will be updated as I read; and I have to warn you all, I am quite the voracious reader. Expect it to change frequently. The biggest (and I think, coolest) change is that I will now be illustrating my entries, as often as I can. They'll most often be watercolour sketches from my sketchbook. I'll add more about the picture above, but yes, we do go for a walk almost every day; Sophie always looks over her shoulder to talk to me; she needs to have flowers on our walks; that's exactly what I was wearing that day; and you can see the twins' monitors in the basket below the strollers. The babies weigh about 50 lbs, and that's not even including the stroller. I'm not kidding!

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