Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Illustration Friday: Sorrow The magpie is a most illustrious bird Dwells in a diamond tree One brings sorrow and one brings joy Sorrow and joy for me I saw the gentle Magpie bird in the dusky yestereve one brings sorrow and one brings joy sorrow and joy for me.... sorrow and joy for me.... Painted this with Sophie yesterday in about 15 minutes, using watercolour pencils, a pen, and occasionally dipping into her little tray of watercolour pans to grab that awesome teal color. Sophie did her thing, I did mine, and we all listened to this favorite album (which the above lyric comes from.) I'm really cheating, in a way, because although I wanted to paint something new this week, I had a perfect "Sorrow" painting from my self-appointed art therapy sessions this summer. But I'm too chicken to show it. And I guess the main reason I don't want to show it yet is for the best reason... ...because I don't feel sorrowful anymore.

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