Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Snowglobe favors for the big all-inclusive I'm Not Sure Why You All Wanted To Be Born Within A Week Of Each Other But You Were Anyway So Let's Celebrate Birthday Party. Sophie will be 2, Peter and Angela will be 1. All within 5 days of each other. If that's not reason for celebration, I don't know what is. The down-and-dirty easy way to make snowglobes:
  • Get a baby food jar. Come to our house if you don't have one, we have 7 million of them.
  • Spray-paint the jar lids if you don't like them saying "Gerber Organics" on the side.
  • Go to your local craft store and get yourself some little plastic animals.
  • With waterproof glue (I used Goop), attach your little friend to the bottom of the jar. Throw some glitter on there if you don't want anyone to see the blob of glue. Mine all came out sort of short, and they're just peering over the lid. If I was doing it again, I'd build the glue up to make a little mountain.
  • After the glue is completely dry (I gave it a few days), fill the jars with COLD water and glitter and screw the lid on. If you want more glitter or water, do it now.
  • When you like it, close that lid as tight as humanly possible.
  • Hot-glue the outside of the jar shut. Glue on the inside means the lid won't close properly. Unless you have some very liquidy glue that you can still get a good seal with while you close the jar, this is the way that worked for us.
  • Cover the line of glue with a ribbon and knot.
  • Print out hearts or whatever tags you want, punch with hole punch, and tie ribbon again.
  • Ta-dah! You're done! I strongly suggest storing them lid-side-up, and tell the people taking them home to do the same... I'm still not 100% convinced they're watertight but I did my best.

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