Thursday, March 03, 2005

Happy Birthday, Peter Joseph and Angela Faith Dear ones, It's amazing to me that you both are ONE YEAR OLD today. Your daddy and I freely admit that we have no idea why you both came the way you did; why God decided you needed to come so soon after Sophie was born, and why you were born two months early. We think that there's a special reason why you're here, and we may never know what it will be. And that's okay with us. We're just glad you're here. Peter, you are such a special little boy. I love the way you army crawl, on your elbows, and you are the fastest thing around. I love how you crow when you do something you're especially proud of, which usually means I need to run and investigate! I love that 4-toothed grin of delight when you pull yourself up on the furniture. You'll be walking any day now, and I'll love that too. You are the dramatic one, the one who goes from exhilarated to meltdown in 3 minutes, but daddy and I are on to you! And you still do the tortured kitten scream... I may actually miss when you give that one up. ;) Angela, my littlest muffin... I love your cuddliness SO much. I think you're still making up for lost time when you were in the hospital a month longer than Peter, and we were all home without you; I love that you want to be held and snuggled like crazy. I love how you do that perfect textbook crawl, slowly, while you stop every few steps to look around and see if there's something interesting you want to grab. I love your wookie noises - you sound just like Chewbacca and it's the cutest thing ever. And the talking! When you and Peter babble to each other and then laugh, I know you're sharing something really funny together. And I love that you have each other. I love you, my precious muffins. Your presence here is even more blessed and cherished because of the incredible circumstances of your birth. If you'd been born even 10 years ago, you might not have made it, and that makes me look at you every day in wonder. You're so strong and healthy too! You two are miracles, and you are a gift to me and daddy. We love you so much. loving you always, your mama pictures from the big birthday party one year ago: some of their early photos

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