Thursday, March 10, 2005

Illustration Friday: Ancient This week, I went a little crazy and tried out some new techniques. I started with a sketch for one of the illustrations for Spirits Unwrapped, because hey, you can't get too much more ancient than a mummy. But to age the illustration further, I added in some more elements: First I scanned in material from an old stash of my grandma's along with yellow silk flowers as a start for the background. Then I photocopied a piece of paper while leaving the door open to make a black piece of paper (covered with toner) and then creased and crunched the heck out of it, and scanned that too. Ripped up some more copy paper and scanned that in as well for a frame. I also used some of the special brushes in photoshop to erase and give texture to the flat areas. Then a little more photoshop magic and poof! Instant age.

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