Monday, July 04, 2005

Seeking creative ideas about time. So tomorrow I start my first day of non-commuting. We've decided that the time I would spend driving to work (about 30 min.) is now my free time to spend any way I please. So the question is: what the heck am I going to do with myself every morning? I need to do something that's away from the kids and is nurturing in some respect. The point is not to spend that half-hour still feeding the kids or folding laundry. Ideas thus far: - yoga - walk in the park (perhaps a chalk in the park!) - walk downtown for coffee/tea and back - ??? And what about those Technorati tags? Does anyone know why in the name of all that's holy the #^%*@&^%$!! tags won't work on my blog? I've scoured Technorati's Help and FAQs and written them three times, and have heard diddley. Very frustrating as I have countless i-Fri entries just begging to all gather in one place and have a party. If you figure it out and I can get them to work, I'll send you a print of your choice! Any takers?

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