Friday, March 03, 2006

...and the birthdays just keep on coming!

Petey and Angela from waaaaaaaaaay back in the day.

Peter and Angela turned two today! (For those of you who are new to all this, Sophie and the twins are one year and 5 days apart.) They are tremendously fun and endlessly entertaining. I love 'em like crazy. I will have a full Petey and Angela report soon, but for right now...

I have been spending every spare moment on projects for them - painting, glueing, wrapping, writing, staining a rocking horse for the three of them - many tales of angst go along with that, including me putting a final coat of paint on yesterday afternoon, in the basement, during a blackout, holding a flashlight. If that ain't love, I don't know what is.

I have also been painting for ME, although they're too big to scan, and we're still having the can't-get-them-on-the-computer issue, which better be resolved this weekend so I can put up a gazillion party pictures. (Three kids. One party.) Anyway, I'm loving the paintings; I have them propped up around the house so I can keep sneaking fresh glimpses at them and deciding what to do next.

Besides napping, that is.

ah, memories:
Peter and Angela's early photos: they're 76 days old, but considering they were preemies, by the time they got home they were just the right size. :) "I asked you for a PONY!" is one of my all-time favorites.

Daddy's report on what happened that night...and what a long, strange (and wonderful) trip it's been.

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