Thursday, May 25, 2006

Clean-up time

Sign one: I'm running out of room on my server. I just had to delete pics to post these. This is even more of a kick in the pants to get the complete overhaul of the site going - time for a cleaner, simpler french toast girl site.

Sign two: Last night, I lost my engagement ring. After flinging clothes around, and poking around the ginourmous piles of - I will say it - junk - in my studio, to no avail, Paul had a brainstorm and found it in Angela's car seat where it must have fallen off while I was buckling her in.

Sign three: this morning, while telling a co-worker about all this, John Lennon's "Clean-Up Time" came on the radio.

Once these recitals are over (tonight!) and the 31 days of non-stop painting end, there will be an enormous cleanup that will be heard round the world.

Look for a new site, and me being able to see my floor, sometime in June.

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