Monday, July 10, 2006

Think of where we'll be in a week

They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Between the @#()*&$^8 coding and beginning day 4 of No More Diapers During The Day, I'm getting mighty strong indeed. Trying to hold on to the little triumphs (fixing anoother nagging bit of code that was holding me up; all three kids doing something in their potties this morning that erupted into a joyful dance around the potties by all) is what's keeping me going.

As Paul said as I was having a frustrated little cry in the bathroom on Saturday - "They just started! Think of where we'll be in a week!" and that gives me so much strength. If I think of where we were just two summers ago - carrying the kids around with heart and lung monitors, medications, careful notes about everything they ingested and who spit up what - to THIS - these three joyful kids that love picking raspberries in the yard, running around like crazy, doing and getting things for themselves, helping each other and giving us sticky kisses. Two summers ago, in the depths of my depression, I couldn't even begin to imagine a summer like this. So - think of where we'll be in a week. In a month. By the end of the summer. I'm not trying to wish it away - trust me, I've waited far too long for this time and I'm going to hold on to every second of it. But I do look forward to it too.

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