Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Angela's Dream

One of my two year old twins, Angela, has gotten interested in drawing. Not her drawing, but sitting on my lap and making me draw on command. It's fun though, and gives you a lot of insight into what's going on in her little head.

This doodle started out with "I want some ducks, walking up a hill." That led me to ask what was at the top of the hill, and we branched out from there. Of course, we had to have a pony, and the myriad of other animals that inhabit her dream world. My main contribution was adding Angela (and her Purple Pony) dreaming away. I also like how all the animals I drew for her on the back of the paper showed through on the scanner... we can say it adds to the dream-like quality, okay?

The point is that inspiration can come from the smallest of sources, and that sharing your art with others - and occasionally allowing for a pint-sized art director - is great for keeping your drawing muscles loose and limber.

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