Monday, August 21, 2006

Illustration Friday: Match

[Update - more pics here.]

This is a sketch for a set of posters I'm working on for the NZUSA - they have a great campaign called "Thursdays In Black". Originally, it was just going to be one poster, but they liked the sketch so much, they decided they wanted one with a man in it to match!

The interesting thing was that I had always thought of these pieces as facing each other, but I think I like them even more if you put the two trees together - like they're sitting under the same tree! I didn't draw them that way, but as I was moving them around to paint them, I saw the connection between the two. So I made sure the trees matched as well as the ground - so they can match them up both ways, if the two are ever hanging next to each other. They're painted in watercolour and acrylic. Each poster will be A2-sized, which means I get to break out the big brushes!

Scroll down to see work in progress....

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