Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy earth day to you!

We take Earth Day seriously around our house. Here are some things we do to try to save energy and help the earth:

Skip the drying cycle in the dishwasher and let the dishes air-dry

Use cloth bags at the supermarket. I love these. People stop me all the time and ask where I got them, to the point where the cashier wanted me to go show them to the manager at our ShopRite and tell them to stock them!

Plant something green: Paul planted 12 arbor vitae in our yard Sunday.

Go organic when you can. Read here for list of food that has the highest level of pesticides, so you can make your choices. We always go for organic milk as well, because our kids drink so much of it.

No pullups or disposable diapers. So far, two out of three kiddos are staying dry at night. So far, we haven't gone back to diapers yet! Keep your fingers crossed.

Turn off the lights. I turn off everything, whenever we leave the room. It's a good habit to get into.

Give back. We'll be helping do a park clean-up this weekend. Paul bring his students to help. I'll be leading the little kids to do some chalking.

Teach your children well. Our kids are learning to respect the earth, share their resources, and learn more about the world around them.

What's your favorite earth-friendly tip?

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