Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Practicing, part two

A few days ago I posted my sketchbook page full of faces - going through a magazine and drawing face after face after face. They're finally painted! While this was a good exercise, it's brought up something that frustrates me every time: I draw. I love the drawing. I paint. I lose all those delicate outlines and scratchings that the pencil gives me under the watercolor. Foo.

So for my next sketchbook practice page, I'm going to draw more faces, then go over the outlines with an ink wash. Not just the rapidograph pen - I don't want a harsh strong line, but rather a variable line. So I think I might get brown ink instead of black, thin it out a little, do all my detail work with a brush and pen, and then do the watercolor. I think that will give me the results I've been looking for. (The little girl's face here is my favorite from last night's page.)

ps ~ I am the 1000th Blog of Note! What an honor! If you are brand new to the site, welcome!

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