Friday, June 15, 2007

In search of...

We are cleaning house with a vengeance - books, CDs, clothes, and other stuff is getting set up to be either garage sale or eBay-bound. It's cathartic; cleaning house is good for organizing your mind as well. In the midst of getting ready for the garage sale (where Paul will not be parting with any of his beloved Macs), I find myself thinking of things I can actually use.

Does anyone know where I can find....

A skort that looks like this. Sophie has a bunch from Target, handed down from a friend (as far as I know, Target's not making them anymore). They are made out of sweatshirt material, in bright colors, and look like a full skirt with a pair of shorts underneath in the same color. The link above is the closest thing I could find to what one in my size would look like, 'cept that's a skirt (no shorts). I love the wide waistband and would love it even more if it were closer to knee-length. This is my problem: I fall in love with clothes that were designed for a 4-year-old. Foo. I could sew up a skirt, but adding shorts in is I think beyond me.

Good waffle recipes or a recipe for a sandwich maker that uses dough instead of bread. I finally got my Mother's Day present, a waffle iron (which I asked for, I know, I'm so domestic) so I could make the family healthy waffles instead of the loaded-with-preservatives version that you find in the freezer section. Anyway, the model we got has a sandwich maker with it, and I see possibilities for making calzones and fruit tarts and other things I can make and batch-freeze. We easily go through 1/2 a loaf at a sitting, but if I could make dough and use that instead, I think a little would go a long way.

An 80's rainbow shirt - they were white with 3/4-length sleeves and the rainbow went from one arm across the shirt to the other arm. I can't even find a picture of one online! This is so geeky of me, but I love rainbows, in a cheesy 80's sort of way. Darnit, maybe I'll just have to make one myself.

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