Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Congratulations to all of you who knew that this painting of Persephone was done with juice from a pomegranate! I actually was worried I was beating you all over the head with it, but I guess not. :) (Please read the above links if you didn't get it, they're fascinating.) This was so much fun, I think I'm going to do contests on a regular basis!

Our winners, pulled randomly out of a hat by my three lovely assistants are:

♥ Kim K. in Western PA
♥ Robyn
♥ Stephanie B.

Please email me if you are one of the lucky three so that I know where to send your print!

In other news, we had a sick chick here last week (not me, Angela) which seriously put the kibosh on any free time I had planned. So if you've ordered prints from me, I completely apologize! Your prints have been all packed up and delivered to the post office today, and you should be receiving them soon. Sophielicious was off from school today and wanted to help, so you'll be seeing her handiwork in your package as well.

Doesn't she look so professional? I think I should give her a raise.

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