Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sophie's eyes.

Dear Sophie fans,

We just found out that Sophie has to have further surgery on her right eyelid - basically doing the same surgery she had when she was 9 months old to correct her ptosis. (More linkage below.) At her recent visit with her pediatric eye doctor, he suggested that her eyesight in that eye was not doing as well, and that her eyelid has been drooping (he measures it at each visit.) We saw the surgeon for a consultation, and she thought we should do it right away. The surgeon is hopeful that this will lift the eyelid and hopefully she won't need to have it again. It is supposed to be relatively pain-free in terms of recovery and she should be able to play normally outside in about a week. The type of surgery is called "levator resection." Our date for the surgery is for the morning of August 4th. We prayed that if this was what was best for Sophie, that we'd find out right away. So... now we know.

Sophie's attitude is just fantastic! When we were going to the doctor's, she wanted to know if her surgery would be in the hospital then or right there in the office. I said, no, we were going to TALK to the doctor today and see if an operation was even necessary. "But MOOOOOOOOM! That's so BORING!" she said. And upon hearing she'd need the surgery, she wanted to go to the library right away so we could get out books about going to the hospital. She says she thinks doctors and hospitals are cool and she's really excited for this! So we're going to try to take our cue from her. As always, your prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated. We'll keep you posted.

Flashbacks from 2003:

In which we find out that Sophie needs surgery and the patches aren't cutting it.

Sophie's operation is over, we're okay.

And yes, that is a new dress in the pic above - will show more later. :)

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