Monday, August 03, 2009


Have I said that life is full? It's overflowing.

This past week, for example, has included painting, balancing a sick child with a much-anticipated vacation (verrryyy carefully), much crocheting, a sad goodbye of a friend and a funeral celebration of a life well lived; museums, dinosaurs, stars, coupon-clipping, and repeated playings of "Ode to Joy" on the piano by a 6 year old. Heck, I didn't even have three seconds to post about how I got to do work for Google, for Pete's sake!

And now, here it is, August, and Sophie's surgery is very early tomorrow morning. Many of you will be reading this sipping your coffee while she's coming out of it. I ask all of you, whenever you may happen to read this, to send a kind thought and prayer our way.

My Mom made us a prayer shawl and gave it to us tonight. (Such love! I am in awe of it.) We wrapped Sophie in it and all stood around her, touching her and praying again for her healing. I'll spread it across our laps as Paul and I wait for her to come out of surgery. And I'll wrap it again around Sophie and her beloved Lambie when she wakes up and sees the faces of those who love her best close by her. Wrapped in love, a prayer for our family in every stitch and loop of the thread. Big blessings, indeed.

UPDATE: The Sophster came through with flying colors! We're home and Sophie did very well in surgery according to the doctor. I asked how the eyelid/muscle looked and the doctor said it was even better than last time, and that it should work well for Soph "for years and years and years to come." Last time she thought Sophie would need another operation in 2-3 years, so this is good news indeed.

Anesthesia and pain-wise, Sophie is still very uncomfortable and sensitive and trying to sleep as much as possible while still maintaining a death grip on our hands. Here's hoping tomorrow brings some relief.

Please keep those prayers coming!

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