Monday, March 04, 2002

Phone conversation with my husband: P: So do you have to do anything tonight? Me: No... just make you dinner. P: No, go do something relaxing instead. Me: Can I paint? P: Just do anything you want to that will help you relax. Me: You don't care if I just sit around on my butt? P: No, do whatever makes you nice and relaxed. (sigh) I love this guy. I spent some quality time this weekend with Weird Al Yankovic; Brad (friend from work) loaned me a tape of hours and hours of AL-TV — the weird equivalent of MTV. One of my favorite videos: "Amish Paradise." When I gave back the tape, I left a thank you note on it that said, "I laughed so hard strawberry jello came out of my nose." It didn't really, but if it did, it would be strawberry.

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